Records of a California Family, The Gold Rush Journals and Letters of Sonora’s Gunn Family 1849-1859



The illuminating diaries and letters of Dr. Lewis C. Gunn and his wife, Elizabeth, vividly records pioneer life in Sonora. Dr. Gunn recounts his overland trek across Mexico en route to California in 1849. Mrs. Gunn wrote of the sea voyage around Cape Horn with four small children on their journey to join Dr. Gunn in Sonora. Originally published in 1928 by the Gunn family, this Gold Rush literature classic is now available with an index and 1856 lithograph of Sonora showing the Gunn family’s home.  Indexed. Hardbound with dust jacket.  Tuolumne County Historical Society. Sonora, California. 2001. 279 pages. ISBN 0965260844.