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Mill & Yard Buildings – 1940 through 1958
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Mill & Yard Buildings – 1940 through 1958
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Mill & Yard Buildings – 1940 through 1958
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"As The United States found itself entering the conflict of WWII, the West Side Lumber Company found itself entering deeper into the high country in its unending quest for fine  timber.  Although harvesting practices and the physical structures/equipment of the company remained fairly stable during this time, there were none-the-less subtle and important changes to both.  The collection on this disc demonstrates that, although the structures found at the Tuolumne mill site were subject to constant improvement, the changes were relatively minor in the grand scheme of things.  Timber processing, sorting, drying, storage, and sales continued to be of high priority."   Art Kauppi, Historical Researcher, Tuolumne County Museum-History Research Center  - 9 images. Note:  The image shown is a partial view.  Click on the sample image to enlarge.





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Mill & Yard Buildings – 1940 through 1958 – 9 images 
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Mill & Yard Buildings – 1940 through 1958
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