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Cabooses #4-#7-Russ Simpson Collection
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Cabooses #4-#7-Russ Simpson Collection
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Cabooses #4-#7. The West Side Lumber Company had a small collection of seven numbered cabooses all with a cupola; most were made in West Side shops.  In the 1940s a few were purchased from Swayne Lumber Company.  The cabooses were all slightly different, some short (14 feet) and some long (24 feet).  Many were re-worked and re-numbered over the years.  They were nicknamed “crummies.”  The CD contains 225 images of photos and sketches, including some interiors. View Sample Images.

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Cabooses #4-#7-Russ Simpson Collection
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Cabooses #4-#7-Russ Simpson Collection
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