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1 - Individual CHISPA
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1 - Individual CHISPA
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1 - Individual CHISPA
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 Shipping charges are $1.50 for the 1st CHISPA ordered at time and and $.50 for each subsequent CHISPA ordered at this time.  Select the shipping charge that is relevant to the CHISPA on this order.  Please order each volume and number separately (one at a time) and select the shipping charge that is appropriate ($1.50 for one of the CHISPAs and $.50 for each of the remaining CHISPAs).  If the shipping charge is not totally correct, it will be changed at the time the order is processed and you will be notified by email if this happens.  (NOTE:  We cannot guarantee that you are getting an original)


 Click here to view the CHISPA Articles List to aid you in your CHISPA selections.  When ordering, if you know the article(s) in a CHISPA that caused you to order the CHISPA, please enter it in the field below the CHISPA Volume and Number field.


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CHISPA - a quarterly publication with articles relating to Tuolumne County’s history and its pioneer families.
1 - Individual CHISPA
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