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Saw Mill and Box Factory
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Saw Mill and Box Factory
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Saw Mill and Box Factory
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Saw Mill and Box Factory














This set, from West Side Lumber Company, includes eight drawings/plats and one photo from the Russ Simpson Collection. Five of these drawings are offered as individual CDs, but are combined in this set. One drawing covers the saw mill complex, the other includes structures in the North yard, as well as the Box Factory. Both of these drawings include dimensions of all of the  structures. Many of these structures survived to the end of operations with some modifications over the years. The first two images are the key to the companion images, which include sectional views of most of the structures. The structural views include all the dimensions for the timbers used and show the framing of the structures. 

 Joe Piazza

 Note:  The image shown is only a partial view. (Click on the sample image to enlarge.)


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Saw Mill and Box Factory
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