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Cook House - Camp 35 - 1928
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Cook House - Camp 35 - 1928
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Cook House - Camp 35 - 1928
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Cook House – Camp 35


This was the highest camp on the West Side system at 6,300 feet, which operated for only one year. A branch left the main line above the Crumbine fuel facility crossed thenLittle Reynolds Creek Bridge before reaching Camp 35. This may have been the first cook house/dining room configured in the T-shape. The dining room made the head of the “T” being eighty-feet long. The kitchen joined the dining room at the mid-point, being twenty-four feet wide and thirty-six feet long, twenty-eight feet on either side. Plans for Camp 35 show the whole structure having had board and batten, and tarpaper construction. Photographic evidence indicates that the mess hall portion of Camp 33 was a tent. Camps 40 through 45 have been confirmed to share this “T” configuration.


Joe Piazza, Tim McCartney, Art Kauppi, and Mike Rutty


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Cook House - Camp 35 - 1928
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