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The Tuolumne County Historical Society has a Publications Committee which is charged with producing a quarterly publication with articles relating to Tuolumne County’s history and its pioneer families. Originally, the publication was called “THE QUARTERLY”. The first quarterly publication was produced in September 1961. The name was changed to “CHISPA” in June 1969.


 CHISPA” is a word of Spanish origin which enjoys a special association with the history of the area. It has a variety of meanings ranging from “sparks” or “embers” to “cleverness” or “wit”. Locally it acquired an additional colloquial meaning as it was also used to describe any nugget or specimen of gold, particularly one of great beauty or high radiance. The term was introduced to the diggings of Tuolumne County by pioneer miners from the state of Sonora, Mexico and was quickly adopted into the vocabulary of the many nationalities who mined here. 


 Each CD will have 10 years of Chispa, or 40 individual quarterlies in one file. The file can be searched and printed, including all photos and captions. Easy directions on how to use the searchable database will be included on the CD. Adobe Reader is required to read the file.  You can download this if you don't already have it by going to this link .


The price is $35 for members.  The non-member price is $40.00.  You may become a member by going to our online membership enrollment


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0171H Chispas Vol. 1-10, July-Sept. 1961-April-June 1971 Includes Special Editions. Member Price $35.00, Non-Member Price $40.00

0172H Chispas Vol. 11-20, July-Sept. 1971-April-June 1981. Member Price $35.00, Non-Member Price $40.00.

0173H Chispas Vol. 21-30, July-Sept. 1981-April-June 1991. Member Price $35.00, Non-Member price $40.00.

0174H Chispas Vol. 31-40, July-Sept. 1991-April-June 2001. Member Price $35.00, Non-Member Price $40.00.

0175H Chispas Vol. 41-50, July-Sept. 2001-April-June 2011. Member Price $35.00, Non-Member Price $40.00.

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