Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is responsible for publishing materials with a primary focus on Tuolumne County history including CHISPA, a quarterly, and books.  Founded in 1961, the Tuolumne County Historical Society’s quarterly contains unique and valuable information on a wide variety of topics germane to Tuolumne County history and found nowhere else.  The literary tradition of this publication merits continuation of a policy in place for many years:  “Well researched articles concerning local history are welcome.”


The committee has produced over a dozen books since the founding of the Tuolumne County Historical Society in 1956.  Most of these books are re-publications of classic Tuolumne County historical accounts that were out of print and virtually unobtainable by the general public.  The committee encourages new authors and contributors to submit original material for publication and welcomes articles and books for publication that will enrich the public’s knowledge of Tuolumne County, its place in California and world history, and will appeal to the history enthusiast as well as the academic.


 Landmarks Committee


Tuolumne County has a rich historical background comprised of a variety of architectural designed buildings and structures, as well as natural landscape and archeological cultural resources.  Many of these historic assets may disappear over time unless preservation plans are developed and implemented by the State, County and City of Sonora.  The Landmarks Committee serves as a resource on preservation and cultural resource matters for the Tuolumne County Historical Society.

The committee acts as an advisory agency to the Community Development Departments of Tuolumne County and the City of Sonora, providing comments on cultural resources and historic design review requiring oversight by California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA.)  Committee representatives regularly attend public Planning Commission meetings, commenting when necessary.


The Landmarks Committee has two award programs in which buildings are selected, researched and submitted as candidates for approval by the Tuolumne County Historical Society’s Board of Directors.  The first award program presents bronze plaques to deserving buildings at a public dedication.  The Tuolumne County Historical Society’s Lamplight Dinner is the venue for the second award program.  Recipients receive a certificate for either a Gold Nugget award for public/business buildings or a Heritage Home award for private homes.  The criteria for selection:  The building must be 50 years or older, well-maintained or preserved, recently restored, or rehabilitated for alternate use.


The committee supports local heritage tourism by providing walking and driving tour brochures.  These brochures can be purchased at the Tuolumne County Museum and the Tuolumne County Visitors Bureau.


Scholarship Committee


Each year the Tuolumne County Historical Society’s Scholarship Committee coordinates with local high schools to award two scholarships to seniors who will be attending college.  All Tuolumne County high school seniors may apply.  The winners are chosen based on their academic record, student activities, financial need, and are required to write a short statement why history is important to them.


 Writer’s Award Committee


The Tuolumne County Historical Society provides a variety of community involvements:  the outreach to young students, high school and post-high school individuals.  The Writer’s Award Committee facilitates the program, making recommendations to the Society’s Board of Directors.  Awards are given for writing papers about local history of events, places and personal recollections which serves to stimulate interest and participation in capturing our local heritage.  There may be up to four classifications of competitions and awards:  New Historian (4th graders), Student Historian 5-8 (5th – 8th graders), Student Historian 9 – 12 (9th – 12th graders), and Historical Scholar (post-high school).  Writers need not be members of the Society to enter papers in the competition.


Wheelhorse Awards Committee


The Wheelhorse Awards Committee selects individual(s) usually each year to be inducted into the Order of the Wheelhorse.  The recipient must be a member of the Tuolumne County Historical Society, needs to have shown extraordinary dedication to the goals of the organization and to have worked in any one or more program areas such as the Museum and History Center and Society committees.   Years of service on the boards of the Tuolumne County Historical Society or Museum Board of Governors are taken into consideration along with an individual’s contribution of items to the Tuolumne County History Collection or donations benefiting the organization.  Recipients are awarded at the annual Lamplight Dinner with a gold pin with an embossed horse’s head symbolizing the wheeler, or wheelhorse, as the strongest member of the team.


Finance Committee


The Finance Committee includes the Tuolumne County Historical Society’s Treasurer and at least four other members of the Society appointed annually by the President; one or more are members of the Museum Board of Governors.  The committee is responsible for review and recommendations to the Society Board of Directors regarding all financial procedures and controls and prepares the annual budget for approval by Society members at the annual meeting.


Nomination Committee


The Nomination Committee consists of five members of the Tuolumne County Historical Society appointed by the President and reports to the Society Board of Directors.  The committee reports on an incoming slate of Officers and Directors of the Tuolumne County Historical Society.


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